To begin with, I must say that we are committed to the task of providing very efficient teachers to the society. As education all over our country is being re-engineered, there is a great responsibility that lies on the teachers – the so called Nation Builders. We cannot be untrue to those essential principles for which India has stood in the past through ages. Though it is quite difficult to perceive the future scenario today but it would be sufficient to say that if education is to drive humanity away from the countless wrongs, abuses and dangers that blur the lives of many people, it must help every person to make the most of his talents and potentialities.

Today, the responsibility of imparting value based education is on teachers and is all the more challenging when there is a transition from Gurukul to Cyberkul. As a teacher is expected to behave in a manner whereby the traits exemplified by him may be imitated by his students, he is expected to assume the role of a facilitator of learning rather than merely being an instructor. The time that you are going to spend in this institution, I assure you will be a memorable one for you and experiences during the teaching learning process would be an endeavour to discover the true teacher hidden inside you.

All said and done, the very task itself is difficult but human creativity and capacity is tremendous. We only need the road markers if we want to reach the destination.

Wishing you success in your future endeavours.

Dr. Mrs. Mona


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