The whole syllabus of B.Ed prescribed by G.N.D.U is divided into 3 parts
Part-I (Foundation Courses and Teaching Methodologies)
Part-II (School Experience Programme)
Part-III (Work Experience Programme)
The details regarding required provisions are given below:-

    1. Core options

Under part-I, first four papers and part (a) of paper-V is compulsory and under part-III, 3 components are also compulsory for all the students of B.Ed. The details are as follows:-
Part-I (Foundation Courses and Teaching Methodologies)
Paper-I                        Philosophical and Sociological bases of Education
Paper-II                       Educational Psychology and Guidance
Paper-III                     Emerging Trends in Indian Education
Paper-IV                     Educational Technology 
Paper-V(a)                   Modern School Management

Part-III (Work Experience Programme)   
Component (A)                       Art
Component (B)                       Computer Education
Component (C            )                       Physical Education

    1. Elective Options

B.Ed course is highly diversified. Students have a variety of subjects to choose from according to their interest and eligibility. The details are given below:-
Part-I (Foundation courses and teaching methodologies)
Paper-V(b)                  There are nine options out of which one is to be selected.
Option (i)                    Comparative Education
Option (ii)                   Environmental Education
Option (iii)                  Population Education
Option (iv)                  Value Education        
Option (v)                   Health Education
Option (vi)                  Measurement & Evaluation
Option (vii)                 School Library Services
Option (viii)                Curriculum Development
Option (ix)                  Distance & Open Learning
Paper-VI                     Methodology I
Paper-VII                    Methodology II
B.Ed students have options to select two papers in Methodology I & II according to their eligibility conditions fixed by GNDU. The methodology papers available in our institution are:-

    1. Teaching of Science
    2. Teaching of Mathematics
    3. Teaching of Social Studies
    4. Teaching of History
    5. Teaching of Political Science
    6. Teaching of Music
    7. Teaching of Physical Education
    8. Teaching of Computer Education
    9. Teaching of Economics
    10. Teaching of Commerce
    11. Teaching of Home Science
    12. Teaching of English
    13. Teaching of Punjabi      
    14. Teaching of Hindi

Part-III (Work Experience Programme)
Component D Value Orientation and Personality Development through:-

    1. Community Services and co-curricular activities
    2. Hands on Experience
    3. Community Service and Co-curricular Activities

Students have to perform any two Community Activities out of the following:-

    1. Cleanliness and beautification of campus
    2. Participation in NSS activities
    3. Working in Social Service Centres
    4. Services to the unprivileged communities of the society
    5. Helping the needy-Donating blood/ Eye Awareness camps/ Literacy camps/ HIV awareness camps.
    6. Growing of ornamental plants

Participation of students in three co-curricular activities is required out of the following:-

    1. Organizing college functions    
    2. Participation in co-curricular activities and cultural activities
    3. Organizing and participation in Morning Assembly
    4. Celebration of all important days
    5. Organizing and participating in educational trips/ tours.
    6. Hands on Experience

Students have to adopt any one activity out of:-

    1. Gardening
    2. Interior Decoration
    3. Cooking
    4. Needle Work
    5. Repair of Electric Gadgets
    6. Clay Modeling
    7. Photography
    8. Music
    9. Drawing & Painting
    10. Commercial Art
    11. Creating Best out of Waste Material
    12. Tie& Dye

ETT :- Elementary Teacher Training Diploma

Duration :- 2 Yrs.

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